20 Awesome Things To Do In Phoenix This February

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20 Awesome Things To Do In Phoenix This February

A list of must-do’s to fill this month’s calendar.

January was certainly eventful, but now it’s February’s turn to take the reigns. It might be the shortest month of the year, but that doesn’t mean there is any less to do! This month is full of fun plans, from local hotspots and pop-ups to entertaining evenings spent under the stars. Check out these 20 activities for a fabulous February in Phoenix!

1. Catch a classic flick at Roosevelt Row’s newest open-air theater

[Image: Instagram/@thefilmbarphx]
FilmBar is back in action at its new permanent outdoor location at The Pemberton PHX. The local indie theater’s new home is a cozy downtown oasis, perfect for a relaxing evening under the stars. Next up on the list of screenings include Weird Science, Bring It On and The Room. Also on the calendar is a special Rocky Horror Picture Show event on February 13.

2. Step into the Askewniverse in real life at this Mooby’s pop-up

[Image: Mooby’s Pop Up]
These insanely popular ‘authentic fake fast food’ joints have popped up all across the nation and now Kevin Smith is bringing Mooby’s to Phoenix! Order vegan or non-vegan versions of your favorite bites from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Clerks, including ‘Hater Totz,’ ‘CockSmoker chicken sandwiches’ and ‘Cow Tipper burgers.’ Mooby’s will only be in town from February 5 until February 14, so you’ll need to act fast, especially if you want to pick up some merch with your order!

3-7. Surrender your senses to a magical concert by candlelight

Escape to a cozy Phoenix oasis for an enchanting evening under the stars. Relax to the sounds of classical and jazz numbers played by the most talented local musicians while you enjoy the warm glow of candlelight. Music lovers and casual listeners alike will love the experience. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, Candlelight presents the perfect romantic evening out with that special someone. Check out the amazing shows on the calendar this month:

8-17. Pick up your favorite local brews from one of these 10 craft beer spots

[Image: Unsplash]
There’s nothing quite like locally sourced craft brews. And luckily, Phoenix is full of amazing breweries where you can sit back and enjoy a nice cold one. This month, check out these 10 locales for some of the best craft beer the Greater Phoenix area has to offer. Post up on a patio or order for pickup/delivery to enjoy at home!

18. Swing into the weekend at this boho wine bar

[Image: Wine Girl]This bright and airy wine bar has total vacay vibes and is the perfect oasis for wine lovers. Plus, it’s got an actual set of swings where you can hang out and sip on one of the twelve wines the bar has on tap. There are also four beers on tap, and the menu has a decent selection of food if you’re feeling peckish.

19. Reserve a ‘desert dome’ for a unique dining experience

[Image: Shutterstock]
Scottsdale Quarter just introduced a unique solution to socially distanced dining this past week, in the form of partially enclosed geodesic dining domes. The domes, which are heated and have seating for up to six, allow guests to enjoy a nice dinner out in a private ‘desert-chic’ oasis. There are only four, so be sure to make a reservation to secure your spot! Check out all the details here.

20. Get a taste of the world’s oldest alcoholic drink

[Image: Superstition Meadery]
Mead, also known as ‘honey wine,’ dates back to as early as 7,000 BC and Superstition Downtown has made it their mission to reintroduce it to mankind. At what owners say is the world’s first mead-and-food pairing concept, locals can come and try one of Superstition’s award-winning meads, ciders and wines with the added bonus of expertly curated food pairings.

[Featured image: Chris Tingom via Unsplash]

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