Phoenix Is Home To The World’s First Mead & Food Pairing Restaurant

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Phoenix Is Home To The World’s First Mead & Food Pairing Restaurant

Superstition Downtown is giving mead a new name.

Mead has long had a reputation for being the oldest alcoholic beverage on the planet. Many times referred to as ‘honey wine,’ this age-old beverage is made from fermented honey and water. The earliest evidence of mead dates back as early as 7,000 BC in what is now Northern China, but it was popular among countless ancient civilizations, including the Greeks, the Romans, the Mayans and even the Vikings.

Superstition Meadery owners Jeff and Jen Herbert’s mission is ‘to reintroduce the world’s oldest beverage to mankind,’ and they’ve been quite the success thus far. Since their 2012 start in Skull Valley, this husband-and-wife team has created over 300 different types of mead using a range of techniques, from adding fruits and spices to using different kinds of barrels for ageing.

“We don’t limit ourselves to any particular types of ingredients or process. We’ll use anything available to make the best possible mead,” Jeff Herbert told Phoenix New Times in an interview.

And their mead has been turning heads ever since. Last fall, Superstition even won six medals at the Mazer Cup, giving the owners international recognition for their carefully crafted meads and ciders.

Now, the meadery has turned its attention to what owners say is the world’s first mead-and-food pairing concept, Superstition Downtown. Housed in a historic brick building dating back to 1928, their downtown restaurant offers seating for about 120 people, with a classy lounge area with upholstered chairs and a spacious outdoor patio. A nice cozy space to try a modern take on an ancient classic.


There are 24 taps serving Superstition’s award-winning meads, ciders and wines. Ranging from traditional meads to ones boasting more unexpected notes, customers are offered a variety of styles and flavors to suit any taste. The food, a lot of which is cooked on a wood-fired grill, offers a varied selection of tapas, meat and cheese boards, salads and main dishes. Each food selection on the menu lists a mead or cider pairing recommendation, eliminating any guesswork and allowing customers to maximize their dining experience.

Who’s ready to try this tasty ancient classic?

Where: 1110 East Washington Street, Phoenix

Hours: 11 am – 11 pm every day


[Featured image: Superstition Meadery]

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