Phoenix Zoo Announces The Arrival Of New Animals Just In Time For New Year

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The Phoenix Zoo is celebrating the arrival of 2022 with three new animals that will certainly be a treat for zoo-goers. 

These are the new animals at the Phoenix Zoo

Baby Siamang 

Siamang primate parents Boyd and Haddie gave birth to their first baby back on November 22. Siamang primates have slender bodies and are famous for swinging between trees. They can be found on the Zoo’s Siamang Island along the Children’s Zoo Trail. 

Emperor Tamarin 

You can now visit Marquis, a 14-year-old tamarin, and his two offspring, known as Pierre and Jacques. They have been installed between the gold lion tamarin and cotton-top exhibits. The three were relocated from the Racine Zoo in Wisconsin. Can you spot their mustaches? 

Andean Bear 

Agapito, known as “Auggie” by his friends, moved to Phoenix from the San Diego Zoo. He’s an adorable 2-year-old Andean Bear who is very friendly with visitors. He is now sharing his exhibit with a female bear, Rio. You can see him in the Forest of Uno area. 


Where: 📍455 North Galvin Parkway, Phoenix 

Hours: ⏰ November 1- January 20 


Monday – Sunday 9:00am-4:00pm 

Member early entry at 8:00am

Admission: 🎟 Adult (14+) $29.95

Children (3-13) $19.95

Secret tip: 📌 If you have a valid Arizona state-issued EBT card and photo ID, you can obtain up to four Phoenix Zoo tickets for $10 each on Sundays only. 



Featured image by Abdellmoez Esleem from Shutterstock. 

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