This Puzzling Online Escape Room Puts You On The Trail Of A Magic Lamp

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This Puzzling Online Escape Room Puts You On The Trail Of A Magic Lamp

Magic and mystery combine at virtual escape room experience The Wonder Cave.

Having seen multiple lockdowns and more tiers than a wedding cake this past year, it’s no wonder we’re starting to climb the walls and yearn for an escape. Luckily, there are plenty of online escape rooms that’ll let you do just that, and we reckon we’ve found one of the best yet: The Wonder Cave. Inspired by tales of Aladdin, Ali Baba, and more, this magical adventure puts you on the trail of a certain magic lamp, taking you through a puzzling series of challenges in the process. It’s a virtual experience like no other, and you can find your tickets here.

So many escape rooms these days put you in peril, whether it be your standard zombie apocalypse, nuclear meltdown, or sci-fi adventure. The Wonder Cave, however, is a little different. Recognizing that using one’s smarts and skills to solve puzzles is a kind of magic in itself, this game takes you on an enchanting adventure inspired by the tales of Scheherazade, from the classic text 1001 Nights. Your band of common thieves will need every ounce of cunning to outwit the evil Ja’Far and escape with a treasure beyond your wildest dreams.

The Wonder Cave

Not only does The Wonder Cave deliver a brain-tickling triumph, it’s also designed to be more inclusive; by using virtual space as your playground, the puzzle can be brought straight to your home, opening up participation to even more people and making it accessible for all. The choices you make within the game will determine how the story unfolds, with the VR experience making the adventure as lifelike as possible.

Better yet, Fever has an exclusive price available for Secret Phoenix readers, letting you take part for just $7.50. Should you conquer The Wonder Cave, organizers plan to unleash even more virtual escape room experiences in the future, but you’ll need to outwit this one first.

Get your tickets here, and let the adventure begin!

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