A New Enchanting Venue Has Been Revealed For The Phoenix “Dining In The Dark” Experience

Emma Colosia Emma Colosia

dining in the dark phoenix the duce

We’ve already gotten a glimpse of the Dining in the Dark series in Phoenix- Now, organizers have announced a new venue to host these magical dinners.


The Duce

the duce dining in the dark

Located in Central Avenue in Phoenix, The Duce is an original and cozy restaurant built inside a vintage camper. The perfect spot to indulge in the ultimate 3 courses of america’s finest comforts while blindfolded. 

This special event promises to “elevate your meal to a whole new level” with darkened surroundings. Enjoy a secret three-course meal that’s yet to be announced!


Dinners start on Wednesday, November 10, so you’ll want to begin this fall/winter season off right! Catch the 6:00 pm or the 8:20 pm dinner, where doors open 15 minutes prior to the start of the experience. Dinners last around 90 minutes, so that’s one and a half hours to unwind, sit back and allow yourself to become part of a mysterious and interactive culinary event.

So get ready, Phoenix. This stunning venue, soon to be filled with food lovers, is sure to be a treat for your stomach! Surprise your senses and test out your taste buds.

Dining in the Dark: A Blindfolded American Comfort Food Tasting

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