Today Is Pay What You Wish Wednesday At The Phoenix Art Museum

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The Phoenix Art Museum offers special rates every Wednesday. Today is “Pay What You Wish Wednesday.”

There’s no excuse not to visit the Phoenix Art Museum. If money and/or your budget was preventing you from visiting our city’s most amazing exhibitions, this is the best news of the day! The PhxArt is now offering “pay what you wish Wednesday’s,” where you can donate the amount of money you want in exchange for general admission.

Let us clear up all the questions you might have about it.

When does the “Pay What You Wish Wednesday” apply at the Phoenix Art Museum?

This applies every week from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm along with reduced rates to view special-engagement exhibitions.


What are donations used for?

Donations go directly to support the Museum’s operating fund so that they may continue to keep their doors open for audiences of all ages to experience and engage with life-changing art.



Permanent Collections

General admission will allow you to see any of the permanent collections inside the Museum. If you’re not sure what this includes, this is a small guide to clear that up.

The Phoenix Art Museum has permanent collections of:
American and Western American Art
Asian Art
Contemporary Art (including a popular installation by Yayoi Kusama)
European Art
Latin American Art
Fashion Design
Modern Art
Thorne Rooms

Image: Yayoi Kusama, You Who Are Getting Obliterated in the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies, 2005.
Mixed media installation with LED lights.

Artwork: Unknown, Virgen de Guadalupe, 18th Century, Oil on canvas.

You can find more information about each one here.

When: Every Wednesday
Where: Phoenix Art Museum 1625 N Central Avenue, Phoenix
Hours: 3:00pm-7:00pm


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Featured image by Haylis @haylislucyl.

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