Incredible Outdoor Adventures That Are Only A Few Hours From Phoenix

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Incredible Outdoor Adventures That Are Only A Few Hours From Phoenix

Some awesome day trips to add to your 2021 bucket list.

Arizona is no doubt a nature lover’s paradise. No matter what kind of outdoor adventures you’re into, the state has plenty to offer. Archaeological sites, hiking trails and beautiful desert oases are spread all across the state, many of which are just a day trip away from Phoenix! Here are five incredible day trips for your next mini escape from the daily grind. So – who’s ready for a little adventure?

1. Sedona Vortexes

One of the more peculiar things Sedona is known for is its vortexes. Each vortex is said to be a swirling energy center that is conducive to healing, meditation and reconnecting with the earth. Some consider all of Sedona to be a vortex, but there are four particular spots that seem to be especially alive: Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Boynton Canyon. Each vortex is said to produce a different type of energy, and many people say they felt uplifted and rejuvenated after a visit. 

Sedona, Arizona

2. Red Rock State Park

Red Rock State Park is about a two-hour drive from Phoenix. The park offers visitors 286 acres of beautiful nature to explore, with loads of hiking trails for all ages and levels, and lots of wildlife to see. One of the most popular spots to visit is a viewpoint for the highly photographable Cathedral Rock, the perfect vantage point for some great shots of the massive natural sandstone butte.

4050 Red Rock Loop Road, Sedona

3. Petrified Forest

This park lies just under 3.5 hours away from Phoenix and is an absolute must-see. Spanning over 200,000 acres, this unique park is known and named for its large concentrations of vibrantly colored petrified wood. But there is plenty to do at Petrified Forest National Park. Take in breathtaking views of the Painted Desert, go on a nice hike on one of the many trails throughout the park, explore amazing archeological sites, and so much more.

Northeastern Arizona (multiple entrances)


4. Montezuma Castle

This national monument is an amazing display of architectural genius. Built by the Sinagua people hundreds of years ago, the castle is an incredibly preserved cliff dwelling with 20 rooms. Visitors can see over 100 artifacts, learn about the unique plants and wildlife, and explore trails surrounding Montezuma Well.

Montezuma Castle Road, Camp Verde

5. Tucson Mountain Park

This desert oasis is just under two hours away from Phoenix. It’s an absolute haven for hikers, cyclists and even horseback riders! With 62 miles of trails, visitors can hike their hearts out on the countless trails of varying difficulties. The park spans no less than 20,000 acres, and offers the most amazing views of the desert landscape.

6000 West Gates Pass Road, Tucson

[Featured image: Kaileen Fitzpatrick via Unsplash]

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