This Curious Phoenix Store Sells Everything From Raccoon Skulls To A Ouija Board

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Curious Nature is located in downtown Phoenix, and it’s the perfect place to buy weird stuff, from insects to sheep testicles.

We’re sure you’ve heard about Curious Nature, a science and natural history store located in downtown Phoenix. This curious store sells everything you can think of, blowing your mind with different articles every time you visit.

Curious Nature offers a never-ending assortment of oddities, from ethically sourced taxidermy, skulls, and bones to exotic plants, collectibles, and gifts. You can take a look at their collections on their official website.

In their current list of objects, they have things such as:

An antique prosthetic man’s leg
A human skull
Vintage denture teeth
Vintage mortician’s cooling table
Fish skeleton on acrylic
Gold scorpion marble magnet
A rabbit dissection in resin
And more!

Where do they get their objects?

Curious Nature expresses their desire to obtain everything they sell from ethical sourcing. This means they investigate as much of each object’s background as possible. Their taxidermy mounts are vintage, died a natural death, and were at no time recently hunted or killed for sport.


Visit this little museum of curiosity and don’t leave without buying what you like. You’ll most probably never see it again for sale.

Happy and curious shopping!

Where: 📍5032 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona
Hours: ⏰Monday-Friday 11:00am-6:00pm
Saturday-Sunday 11:00am-5:00pm

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