Luminous Outdoor Concert Series Honors Women In Music With An A Capella Special

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Luminous Outdoor Concert Series Honors Women In Music With An A Capella Special

A glittering acapella spectacle comes to Phoenix, and it’s perfect for Women’s History Month.

The Candlelight concert series have an exciting addition to their Phoenix lineup. On March 12th, they’ll be celebrating Women’s History Month at The Croft in Downtown Phoenix with a one-night special, An A Cappella Tribute to Female Voices.

The Fever Original event will pay tribute to iconic women in music, featuring songs by musical superstars including Beyonce, Amy Winehouse, Taylor Swift, and more. The performance will be headlined by viral a cappella sensation and Phoenix natives, Red Letter Daze.

Throughout history, many talented women have vastly contributed to the field of music through composing, arranging, songwriting, and performing. Celebrate these women with a unique a cappella concert by candlelight!

Venue The Croft is a whimsical oasis right in downtown Phoenix. The enchanting performance will take place in The Green, the venue’s lush outdoor patio framed by a whimsical keyhole and adorned with beautiful bistro lighting.

The Women’s History Month special will be taking place on March 12th and tickets are available to purchase now.

Featuring traditional music, showtunes, and hits from the 40s to today, the perfectly harmonized Red Letter Daze hopes to showcase the power, prowess, and talent of women through their voices. Head to The Croft Downtown and experience the raw power of a cappella under the stars!

Make sure you  get your tickets, Phoenix!

All shows will follow the government guidelines for safety measures and the events will always operate at safe capacities set out by law. 

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